Terms & Conditions

Definitions and Law

The contract is the document/documents that set out these conditions and all other details about your agreement with us. ‘We’ and ‘Us’ ‘Owner’ and ‘Our’ and ‘Bubbles & Blossom’ mean the seller/supplier of the good. ‘You’ ‘Your’ or ‘Hirer’ means the purchaser or hirer of the goods and their representatives. The ‘Goods’ means all goods hired or sold to you by us. ‘The recipient’ means the person, firm, company, corporation or public authority to whom the goods are delivered, when it is not you. These conditions exclude any terms and conditions you may have put forward, except where we have agreed to any amendments or other conditions in writing. 



  • Bookings are only confirmed once a deposit/booking fee has been paid and cleared.  By paying this fee you are accepting the following terms.
  • Quotations are only valid for a 30-day period. upon securing the booking we will guarantee the prices quoted. However, if styles and quantities are changed from what was discussed at the original consultation the overall price may fluctuate. 
  • Your quotation is based on the entire order. changes to your order/colour/styles may result in the individual item price to increase.
  • We do not allow order reductions of the total original booking amount. if you are unsure if you need a certain item then please ask for it to be removed from the order before paying your booking fee. Where reductions have been applied to the original booking total, we will ask you to order additional items to make it up to the required total. Where this is not possible, we will add the difference to the total order amount. if the total original booking amount is not paid then you will not be fulfilling your contractual obligation and the contract will be terminated by you, the hirer, with no payments refunded.
  • No changes can be made to the order within 4 weeks of your event. this is due to us needing to place orders with our suppliers in advance, as well as preparing the items in advance of the event. We will endeavor to meet your needs where possible, although additional charges may be payable.
  • We reserve the right to substitute items to an equal or higher value, where your chosen items are unavailable or arrive in poor quality. we will consult you before any changes are made.

General conditions

We shall make our best efforts to supply you with the goods requested, but we reserve the right to supply you with similar goods for equal or higher value at no extra charge. All goods for hire remain our property. All goods for sale remain our property until full payment has been made. Deliveries to third parties or unoccupied premises are made entirely at your own risk. We are not responsible for the goods and their care once they have been delivered to the premises. Where possible we would advise that you have a representative meet us at the time of delivery to check through the order for any shortages and breakages before they leave our care. Once items leave our care, they will be presumed to be of a satisfactory state and the correct quantities. Any losses or damages after this point will be the responsibility of the hirer. 

Prices quoted are for the days stated on the booking form only and must be returned to us within this time frame. Items returned late, or failed deliveries and collections will be charged for again at the full hire price or the full delivery/collection fee. We reserve the right to use photographs of any goods supplied by us for promotional purposes. 


Payments and Booking

A non-refundable booking fee is required to reserve your booking. Booking fee information will be detailed on your booking form and will either be 100% of the total balance of a percentage of the total amount. Bookings can be made by email. Payments can be paid by credit or with debit card, we will email an invoice. Payments can also be made by direct bank transfer or cash. We unfortunately do not accept cheques. Please note that we do not hold a date in our diary unless the booking fee has been paid. The final total payment is required in full no later than 4 weeks before the event, unless otherwise stated. If payment is not received within our terms and conditions, we will assume that our services are no longer required. We will not place any orders until payment is cleared. Late payments that result in us placing the order late may result in us being unable to source the specified items and we will be required to make substitutions. We will make every effort to inform you that you have an outstanding balance, however all monies owed are down to you, the client. Any outstanding balances will be passed on to a collection agency once they are 30 days or more overdue.

Loss/damages deposits are required in full before the release of any hire items. if we do not receive this payment the booking will be considered cancelled by you, the hirer and no payments will be refunded. Please check the quantities provided are correct and that you are happy with the quality of the items before they are accepted as once accepted, they are the responsibility of the hirer, and any losses/damages will be charged for.


Order changes and cancellations 

Changing your order depends on availability. We can however make slight adjustments to the order after it has been placed. So, whilst your order can still be adjusted after you commit to the order, there is a guaranteed minimum payment of 100% of the original booking form total. If you find that you would like to remove an item. We will happily allow an exchange or a credit note. We will only swap items on a like for like basis, for example: We cannot substitute hire items for extra flowers or foliage’s. Please ensure that the correct quantities or as close as possible are ordered before booking. All order changes must be made by email, we will not accept order changes over the phone, by text or over social media.  This prevents any order changes being missed.

In the event of a cancelled booking 12 weeks or more prior to the event, no booking fees will be returned. In the event of a cancellation within 6-12 weeks prior to the event, no booking fees will be returned and an additional 25% of the total balance will become payable due to loss of business. In the event of a cancellation within 6 weeks of the event date. No booking fee will be returned and 100% of the remaining balance will become payable. If your booking fee was 100% of the balance (payment in full), and you do not wish to exchange for any other items, no refunds will be given, but any additional payments mentioned above will not be due. We would require confirmation of a cancelled booking in writing. Any unpaid charges will be passed to a collection agency after 30 days.

All special orders or samples must be paid for in full and up front, they are non-cancellable and non-refundable. If we must cancel a booking we will do so in writing or by email, returning any monies paid.


Pickups and collections.

We will not be liable for any indirect loss, loss of business, profits, savings that you expected to make. Any wasted money, fees, expenses or wages due to late collection/delivery/non-delivery/non-collection/unsuitability/breakdown or stoppage of the goods or any part of them. All the time that we state for delivery are approximate. Goods must be available for collection by us at the delivery address unless otherwise arranged. All deliveries and collections included aborted delivery and collection attempts will be charged for. Please make sure that post-boxes are emptied with the keys left in the lock. We often collect items very early the following morning so, if necessary, please make sure all items are left the night before. With any flowers that you may wish to keep removed. All flowers left in our containers will be taken back to our premises and disposed of the following day. Any containers/missing items will be charged for from the damages deposit if they are not returned to us within 48 hours and no refunds will be given. As we may have to re source the item for the following event.

When the goods on hire are collected or returned by you or your representative, the goods need to be inspected for damages and shortages before they are taken from the premises. In the event of a shortage or damaged items you must inform us immediately. Any goods taken from the premises will be deemed to have been taken in a satisfactory condition. Collections and returns are at allocated times specified on the booking form. Due to the nature of our business, we mostly work away from the store. If you do not turn up during the allocated times and the collection or return is aborted, we may not be able to guarantee to rearrange another time slot, especially during peak season as we may have another event to attend. If you feel you may need to rearrange, please give us plenty of notice, fees may be applied to repeat attempts to collect or return.

You are responsible for and loss or damages from the time of collection and return. Or in cases where we set up, from the time of delivery and set up until we collect the items. Deliveries left on unattended premises are left entirely at the hirers risk. 

We will not be held responsible for any delays because of circumstances beyond our control. This includes bad weather, acts of theft, or acts of God. 

Items will be packed suitably for transport and care instructions will be given. Items should be inspected upon collection and any issues raised before the items leave our premises. We will not accept any responsibility for them after they have left our care. Delivery/set up and clearance may be available from us at an extra charge. For full set up customers any issues or shortages must be raised within 30 mins of delivery for us to have time to rectify the issue. 



We require a security deposit upon payment of the final balance. This payment must be paid by bank transfer or cash before the goods are taken from us or delivered by us. We unfortunately will not accept credit card or cheque for this type of payment. If you do not make this payment no hire items will be delivered. The security deposit will be returned within 7 days of the event unless one of the following occur…

  • Shortages or damages: These will be charged at the full replacement value of each item. Linen may be returned soiled for us to launder, however any permanent stains or damages to linens such as food, drink, ink, mud, crayons, pulls in the fabric, wax stains or burns will attract a replacement charge.
  • Failed collections and returns: Failed collections and return due to items not being ready for us at the venue for us to collect will attract an extra collection charge. Please make sure all items are left in the agreed place for us to collect.
  • Late collections/returns by the hirer: Failed collections or returns by the hirer will attract a £20 charge if we must make an additional journey out to the store to meet you. We may also charge the hire fee again if you have had the items in your possession longer than the hire period stated on the booking form. In cases where we must cancel a future booking due to you returning the items late, we will also deduct any additional costs incurred from the security deposit and any costs in respect of loss of business.
  • All orders must be returned to us at the address specified on the booking form. All orders must be returned to one of our representatives personally. We will not accept responsibility for any orders left on the premises unattended or left with any individuals not employed by or approved by Bubbles & Blossom. Goods must be returned in the containers that they were received in, including cardboard boxes and plastic tubs. The loss of containers may be charged for and deductible from the security deposit. 



  • We do not accept any liability for any damage or injury arising from the use or attempted use of candles provided by us. 
  • We will not be held responsible for any injury or damage to persons or property however sustained, arising from any goods under hire. The hirer will be responsible for making sure all items are displayed and fitted correctly and safely to prevent damage or injury. We shall be under no liability arising from neglect, willful damage, abnormal usage conditions or failure to follow our instructions. 
  • Clients leaving bad or negative feedback regarding a booking or cancelled booking which has a negative impact on our business without a just reason, or reasonable time to resolve any issues will be in breach of this contract. We will take legal action to regain all potential loss of business. this includes social media, trade papers or forums.